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Wasted Potential: Cars that Fell Way Short of Greatness

Some cars fail miserably because they are simply bad cars and others fail because of bad marketing. However, there is also a group which fails despite the fact that it is not necessarily comprised out of bad vehicles and it has been marketed properly so expectations for these vehicles were definitely a lot higher than what they ended up being.

1. Lincoln Blackwood

The Blackwood was only in production for one year due to extremely low sales, but there were several key issues here that condemned the car from the very beginning. This was meant to be a truck, but for someone who is looking for a little luxury and who wanted a premium brand such as Lincoln. The problem was that, while these additions made the Blackwood stand out and more interesting, they also made it impractical. A truck is supposed to handle a little rough treatment from time to time, but this was not the case with the Lincoln Blackwood. When you also take into account the big price tag, the fate of this vehicle was sealed.


2. Plymouth Prowler

This was a car which was meant to appeal to hot rod fans. There was only one problem which would be kind of a big deal for any fan of true hot rods – the car had no power thanks to its lackluster engine. Only in production for one year, it was then repackaged and sold with a Chrysler badge and this helped it somewhat, but nowhere near expectations.


3. Jaguar X-Type

This car was expected to succeed on the Jaguar badge alone and, to its credit, it sold well and remained in production for eight years. However, it is now looked at as a failure on the part of Jaguar who created a car where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.


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