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The Ins, Outs and Upside Downs of Trade-Ins

Trade-ins are a common part of purchasing a new car but are they really the best way? What’s the point of doing a trade-in isn’t it just better to sell your old car and then buy a new one?

What does a trade-in actually mean?

When you trade-in your old car for a new one (even if it’s not brand new, but new to you) you are effectively selling your old car and buying a new one, using the value of your old car as part payment on your new motor. Trade-ins are also popular when leasing a new car. Many people take advantage of trade-ins at Hawthorne Nissan as well as lots of other car sales / lease businesses.


What are the advantages of a trade-in?

Opting for the trade-in is just a great deal easier than trying to find a buyer for your car, paying for advertising, answering telephone calls or emails and taking out prospective buyers for test drives – that’s if the majority of them even bother to show up. It also cuts out the potential problems from the purchaser of your car if it develops some sort of problem soon after the deal has been done. If you know that your motor is not 100% reliable and may have problems in the not too distant future it can really give you peace of mind.

When trade-ins aren’t such a good idea

Some people do choose to sell on their old car themselves instead of going down the trade-in route. This is generally because they are dissatisfied with the price they are offered by the car dealer. It is true that you may be able to get a better price for your old motor by selling it privately but it’s up to you whether you think that the extra hassle is worth a few extra dollars. If your old car is something rather special with a unique history or other valuable selling point this will not always be recognized by the car dealer – a car is a car is a car to the majority of car lots.


What do car dealers do with their trade-ins?

That really depends upon the car dealer, the car and how they work. Some dealers sell on their trade-ins in the used car lot, some simply send them off to auctions where other dealers may purchase them and sell them on their own car lots. Although the price at auction will probably not reach the true worth of the vehicle these losses are absorbed within the price of new car sales.

What price will you be offered for your old vehicle?

That really depends upon your car . . . talk about “how long is a piece of string?” Car dealers rely upon the car price guides which are regularly issued by organizations like the (NADA) National Automobile Dealers Association for a ball park figure. The end price will also be influenced by the condition of the car, mileage, any problems and whether the vehicle has been regularly serviced and maintained.


These guides will very often give two prices, one price which corresponds to the trade in value of your motor and the other to the price you may expect to get from a private sale.

At they have a great selection of motors available with some truly staggering trade-in deals. It really does make life so much easier if you trade-in your old vehicle for something newer and better and drive away without any trouble at all.

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