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It’s School Time And You Can Help Kids With Their Education With Your Car Donation: Here’ s How

It’s back-to-school time around the nation, and we’re happy to state that this year, Cars 4 Cause® was able to help two students on their method to college. The sole thing standing between these two courageous and hard-working students was transportation.

They were taken to our attention by Echoes of Hope, an organization that can help emancipated foster youth. The charity appealed to us through the Cars 4 Causes® Car Give-Away Program. These people were seeking help for two from the youth in their program who had previously been accepted into college but had no way of getting there.

Here are the students’ stories and why we were thrilled to be able to help:

Truck donation helps Sealy, a straight-Each student, go to UCLA

Shealy was really a straight-A student in high school (4.06 grade average! ). She was in the foster care system for a long time, but instead of letting the hardships of her life defeat her, she became a track athlete and a model student. She was accepted in to the University of California, L . A . (UCLA). But to go to school, she needed reliable transportation. The logistical reality was that without having a car, she could not attend.

The kind donation of a pickup truck made the main difference for her; she’s now on her way to classes at UCLA.


Car donations helps Darryl, a straight-Each student, attend CSLA

Darryl was also a straight-A higher school student. His life up to now has been specifically hard. He was 7 years old when he entered foster care. He describes his early years as “random disorganized disaster.” Darryl made it through a sad and sometimes terrifying youth, and now he is majoring in Sociology at California State University, Los Angeles. He wants to make a difference in the lives of others.

He’s on his way to classes in the donated car, a car that he’ll remember for life since the car that made a difference for him.

The Cars 4 Causes® story began with the wish to help fund the education of young people, and we’re especially happy to share this back-to-school story. It reminds us of what an impact a charitable donation might have on the lives it touches.

To see the wide range of ways your vehicle donation might help, check out the Cars 4 Causes® list of approved charities – over 13,400 charities at last count, from international organizations to regional branches, to local community charities.

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