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Fabulous Rock Songs to Make Your Journey even More Enjoyable

It’s a well known fact that music can affect the mood, in fact it’s one of the best mood enhancers there is. Here’s a list of some of the most popular rock songs for a road trip – just be careful that you don’t get carried away and push the hammer down too far over the speed limit. If you are driving in a slow, built up area you are recommended to listen to slow, classical music – that’s the way it works.


These rock songs are perfect for helping the miles fly by on your road trip.

• Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey – I wonder if it would be so popular if the band were called “Stay Home” . . . I guess we’ll never know.

• Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen – the song which has a little bit of everything. Rock, opera, great air guitar opportunities and some very unusual words – the perfect combination.


• Shook me all night long – AC/DC – this one is particularly good for when you’re gonna’ be driving all night long.

• Life is a Highway – Tom Cochrane – I reckon he named that song on purpose to get it into the groove.

• Dancing Queen – Abba – really! Well, I suppose when you’re driving on a road trip there’s not much chance for dancing but you can sing those lyrics at the top of your voice.

• Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival – in fact, in my personal opinion anything Creedence Clearwater Revival is the perfect road trip music – just listen to the entire album.

• Every day is a winding road – Sheryl Crow – I know what you mean Sheryl, great driving music along the winding road.

• Drive my car – The Beatles – you really can’t have any type of music list without including at least one song from the Fab Four – even now fifty years on.

• Don’t stop till you get enough – Michael Jackson – that should probably be called “don’t stop till you get to where you’re going”.

• Little Red Corvette – Prince – nice, I like it, although apart from the title of the song I’m not sure whether this one really deserves its place in the list. Does it have the “driving vibe”?


• Any way you want it – Journey – they’ve managed to make the list twice although once again, what if they were called “Stay Home” – would they be high on the list of music chosen for doing the household chores?

• September – Earth Wind & Fire – it might be worth asking what time of year this list was compiled . . . I mean, I haven’t noticed anything like “Driving Home for Christmas” . . . just saying.

• Holiday – Madonna – this is a good upbeat entry from Madonna, even if you aren’t actually driving on holiday and are instead heading to fiat glendale for a test drive or just a look around.

• Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen – interesting! I could understand it if it was “born to drive” or “born to motor” – but “born to run” . . . get the motor running.

• This is how we do it – Montell Jordan – this is how we do what exactly? Drive our car? Go on an exciting adventure in a new car from I must admit it’s a great driving tune though.

• California Love – 2Pac – I know what you’re thinking but no, this list wasn’t designed for a road trip around California, it’s just a terrific tune for heading out on the highway.

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