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A Look at the Beatles Garage

The Beatles were an international phenomenon who captivated the young public for many years on end. Normally, whenever people are subjected to such degrees of fame and fortune, they tend to indulge some of their personal pastimes. Many celebrities buy expensive and unusual cars and amass quite sizable collections and also the Beatles were no different. Although none would be called something of your gearhead, they did boast some fascinating vehicles.

1. Austin Princess Limo

When Beatlemania was at its highest, here is the car that this four would use to get around. Precisely what is even more impressive is that the same vehicle remained the official Beatles limousine throughout that time – a ’65 Austin Princess to be exact. After them the limousine only had another owner prior to the car was stolen and do not recovered. The search continues to be on to get the long lost Beatles mobile.


2. “Magical Mystery Tour” Mini Cooper

Back then the Mini was almost as popular as the Beatles themselves so it comes as no surprise that George Harrison owned one. This Mini is special – it was the custom one featured from the Magical Mystery Tour film, however. Which was Harrison’s own Mini Cooper and probably the most iconic vehicles the company ever produced.


3. Rolls-Royce Phantom V

It can be clear that the Beatles liked to customize their cars to make them stand out from the rest. That is the situation with John Lennon’s famous Rolls-Royce which boasted the unique psychedelic paintjob which made it a priceless possession, even when compared to other Rolls-Royces. It spends its days now going from museum to museum across America.


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